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Eclipse® 20ft "Gullwing" Pop-Up Trade Show Display

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20ft gullwing popup trade show displays


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Eclipse® 20ft gullwing pop-up trade show display shown above with optional set of four 150 watt halogen lights and optional case-to-counter kits.


The Eclipse® 20ft "gullwing" portable pop-up trade show display booth is made in the US and is backed by over 25 years of pop-up display design and manufacturing experience.  The Eclipse display is available with high-quality, durable, Velcro-receptive fabric panels (available in your choice of black, blue, or gray) onto which one can easily and conveniently attach signs and and other graphics with Velcro.

The Eclipse® 20ft "gullwing" pop-up trade show display is actually two COMPLETE 10ft Eclipse® displays.  They each pack in their own case, and can be shipped and used separately as 10ft displays, or can be combined together in the 20ft "gullwing" configuration.  To combine them together, simply set the frames up next to each other, and then use one of the end panels to seamlessly bridge the space in between the 10ft frames.  You will have one extra end panel when the display is set up in the 20ft configuration.

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20 ft Eclipse gullwing pop-up trade show display line art drawingOVERALL DIMENSIONS (Eclipse® 20ft "Gullwing" Display):
  Height: 7ft - 9 inches tall
  Width:  19ft - 4 inches wide
  Depth:  2ft - 8 inches deep
Panel Dimensions:
  Eight MAIN panels - each is 29.5" wide by 93" tall (fabric area is 90" high).
  Two END panels - each is 15.75" wide by 93" tall (fabric area is 90" high).
  One MIDDLE "connector" panel - 15.75" wide by 93" tall (fabric area is 90" high).  "Connector" panel is an end panel from second 10ft display, there is also an un-used end panel from second 10ft display.
  End panels "wrap around" frame to form half-circle "end caps".
  All panels have black plastic stiffener bars at top and bottom.

Eclipse 10ft floor pop-up trade show display frameFRAME - The standard Eclipse® 20ft gullwing pop-up display uses two aircraft-grade drawn aluminum tubing 10ft frames (arranged side by side) that expand open like an accordion to "pop up" into place. Each of the two 10ft frames has 7 hinged three-piece magnetic channel bars that attach vertically between the frame hubs and provide support for attaching the display panels. The hinged three-piece channel bars on the display frame reduces the number of channel bars to keep track of (unlike other pop-up frames that use individual channel bars), and the "magnet-to-magnet" connection provides for an easier, quicker, stronger alignment during display set up. The frame is covered by a lifetime warranty.

PANELS - The Eclipse® 20ft gullwing pop-up display is available with high quality EcoFi Premier velcro-receptive/compatible fabric panels, available in your choice of black, blue, or gray fabric colors.  Our Eclipse displays are made to order. Allow 3 business days for production of black, blue, and gray fabric color displays.  Panel dimensions are listed above. The velcro-receptive fabric panels allow our customers the convenience and flexibility of printing their graphics locally (signs, posters, banners, prints, pictures, etc) and then attaching their graphics to the velcro-receptive Eclipse fabric panels with Velcro. Using velcro-on graphics permits one to quickly and easily swap out individual graphics as needed.


monarch blue

steel gray


SHIPPING CASE (included)
The Eclipse® 20ft gullwing pop-up display packs into two heavy-duty rotationally molded shipping cases with wheels.  Each shipping case holds a 10ft display frame and fabric panels, as well as the optional halogen lights, optional case-to-counter conversion kit, and optional shelves.  The shipping cases have removable lids which can be used as 9" high step stools.
The shipping case outside dimensions are 38"H x 26"W x 17.5"D.
The total shipping weight the Eclipse 20ft display packed in the two upgraded cases with the optional lights and upgraded case covers is approximately 176lbs.

Eclipse trade show display upgraded shipping case

walking with upgraded shipping case

Eclipse shipping case (above).

CASE to COUNTER Conversion Kit (optional)
The case conversion kit for the Eclipse display consists of a Velcro-compatible fabric wrap that goes around the outside of the shipping case, and is the same color as the fabric color selected for the display.  The 29.75"x77.5" fabric wrap can have signage attached to it with Velcro.  The kit also includes a 24"x15" black Sintra counter top that goes on the top of the case.  The conversion kit converts the shipping case into a useful color-coordinated counter that can be kept in your booth during the show.

Eclipse trade show display upgraded shipping case counter cover

dimensions for velcro fabric counter wrap for for Eclipse upgraded shipping caseFabric Counter Wrap Dimensions
The velcro-receptive fabric wrap for the optional case-to-counter conversion kit is 29.75" tall and 77.5" long, and wraps around the outside of the shipping case as shown in the picture above to cover most of the front, sides, and back of the upgraded shipping case. The fabric area is 29.75 inches tall. The top and bottom sections of the black shipping case are not covered.
The shipping case shape is semi-rectangular with rounded side edges. Although the shipping case is 26" wide, because of the rounded sides, the flat area on the front of the case/counter is 16 inches wide, as shown on the line drawing on the right. If you are making a sign or logo to velcro to the front of the case/counter, you can use the 16 inch wide flat area, or you can make your sign wider and have sides of the sign wrap around the curved sides of the front of the case. You can click on the image of the dimensions on the right to enlarge the image.

Eclipse trade show display 75 watt PAR16 lightSET OF FOUR Low Voltage LED LIGHTS (optional)
New low-voltage LED lights produce the same amount of light as halogen lights, but use far less electricity (18 watts vs 150 watts) and do not get hot like traditional halogen lights.

In addition, if you plan on exhibiting in Las Vegas, LED lights can be used at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Las Vegas Convention Center has lighting restrictions, and does not allow the use of 150 watt halogen lights.

When purchased with an Eclipse display, the set of four LED lights includes the four lights, plus two foam inserts for storing the lights in the shipping cases, two power strips, and two extra extension cords.

SET OF 3 SHELVES (optional)
The Eclipse® display shelf is 30" wide and 6" deep, and has a durable black powder-coated finish.  Each shelf has two side brackets that go between the fabric panels and lock securely into slots in the frame channel bars.  The shelf then snaps onto the two brackets.  The shelves can be located anywhere up or down on the display and spanning a 29.5" wide main panel.

Eclipse trade show display shelf


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