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Eclipse® 6ft Pop-Up Trade Show Table Top Display


Eclipse 6ft table top displays
with velcro-receptive fabric panels
starting from $695!

Eclipse 6ft table top displays with full graphics
with custom-printed graphics panels
starting from $995!

Eclipse® 6ft tabletop pop-up trade show display shown above with the optional 150 watt halogen light.


The Eclipse® 6ft portable pop-up table-top trade show display booth is made in the US and is backed by over 25 years of pop-up display design and manufacturing experience.  The Eclipse display is available with high-quality, durable, Velcro-receptive fabric panels (available in your choice of black, blue, or gray) onto which one can easily and conveniently attach signs and and other graphics with Velcro, or we can produce custom-printed graphic panels from your print-ready design.

Dimensions    Frame    Fabric Panels    Graphic Panels
Shipping Case
  Lighting Options    Shelves

6 ft Eclipse table top pop-up trade show display line art drawingOVERALL DIMENSIONS (Eclipse 6ft TableTop Display):
  Height: 5ft - 2 inches tall  (7ft - 7 inches when set on a 29" tall table)
  Width:  5ft - 9 inches wide
  Depth:  1ft - 2 inches deep
Panel Dimensions:
  Two MAIN panels - each is 29.5" wide by 62" tall (fabric area is 59" high).
  Two END panels - each is 15.75" wide by 62" tall (fabric area is 59" high).
  End panels "wrap around" frame to form half-circle "end caps".
  All panels have black plastic stiffener bars at top and bottom.

Eclipse 6ft tabletop pop-up trade show display frameFRAME - The Eclipse 6ft table-top pop-up display frame consists of an aircraft-grade drawn aluminum tubing frame that expands open like an accordion to "pop up" into place, and has 5 hinged two-piece magnetic channel bars that attach vertically between the frame hubs to provide support for attaching the display panels. The hinged two-piece channel bars on the display frame reduces the number of channel bars to keep track of (unlike other pop-up frames that use individual channel bars), and the "magnet-to-magnet" connection provides for an easier, quicker, stronger alignment during display set up. The frame is covered by a lifetime warranty.


monarch blue

steel gray

FABRIC PANELS - The Eclipse® 6ft table-top pop-up display is available with high quality EcoFi Premier velcro-receptive/compatible fabric panels, available in your choice of black, blue, or gray fabric colors.  Our Eclipse displays are made to order. Allow 3 business days for production of black, blue, and gray fabric color displays.  Panel dimensions are listed above. The velcro-receptive fabric panels allow our customers the convenience and flexibility of printing their graphics locally (signs, posters, banners, prints, pictures, etc) and then attaching their graphics to the velcro-receptive Eclipse fabric panels with Velcro. Using velcro-on graphics permits one to quickly and easily swap out individual graphics as needed.

GRAPHIC PANELS  - Eclipse 6ft tabletop displays are also available with full-size custom-printed graphic panels produced from our customers' print-ready designs. The graphic panels are direct printed onto DuraPrint 22mil vinyl with state-of-the-art UV-cured 1200dpi cmyk ink for vibrant, durable, attention-grabbing full-size graphics.

SHIPPING CASE (included) - The Eclipse 6ft pop up table display packs into a single heavy-duty rotationally molded ("rotomolded") shipping case, and the shipping case has wheels (as shown on the picture to the right).  The case also holds the optional halogen light.
The shipping case outside dimensions are 37"H x 18"W x 17"D.
The packed weight is 34 pounds (37 pounds with optional light).

Eclipse table top trade show display shipping case

walking with Eclipse table top display shipping case

Eclipse table-top display case (above).

Eclipse trade show display 75 watt PAR16 light

Low Voltage LED LIGHT (optional)
New low-voltage LED lights produce the same amount of light as halogen lights, but use far less electricity (18 watts vs 150 watts) and do not get hot like traditional halogen lights.

In addition, if you plan on exhibiting in Las Vegas, LED lights can be used at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Las Vegas Convention Center has lighting restrictions, and does not allow the use of 150 watt halogen lights.

When purchased with an Eclipse tabletop display, the LED light kit includes one LED light, plus a padded nylon bag for storing the light in the shipping case, and an extension cord.

SET OF 3 SHELVES (optional)
The Eclipse display shelf is 30" wide and 6" deep, and has a durable black powder-coated finish.  Each shelf has two side brackets that go between the fabric panels and lock securely into slots in the frame channel bars.  The shelf then snaps onto the two brackets.  The shelves can be located anywhere up or down on the display and spanning a 29.5" wide main panel.

Eclipse trade show display shelf / shelving for 6ft table display

The uses, benefits, and advantages of a Table Top Display
There are many smaller trade shows, conferences, and other marketing events where a tabletop display is often the best option. Many small events and venues are actually set up for table top booth displays, and have smaller 6ft or 8ft wide spaces with a 6ft or 8ft table already included in the space. If you already have a table, it makes sense to use a table display on it. With a table top display, you can use the table space in front of and at the bottom of the table display to place and show various products and samples, and/or to put brochures and literature on. You can also store stuff under that table, assuming there is a table cloth or table cover on the table that will hide the stuff under the table. One thing to keep in mind is that an 8ft table top trade show display that is put on a 6ft table will hang off either end by about a foot and be unstable (and look strange). You need an 8ft long table if you have an 8ft table display. If you aren't sure which size table you will have (6ft long or 8ft long) then your safer bet is to get a 6ft tabletop display booth. Because the table provides the bottom section of your display and hence you have a smaller size display than a floor display, a table display will be more portable and less expensive to ship than a floor display, but when put on a standard 30" tall table, will be just as tall as a floor display.


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