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How To Design Signature Display Graphic Panels
Review Instructions & Download Design Template

1. Please read ALL of the instructions below.
2. Download and use our eps design template below.
3. Send us your design via FTP or email.
4. Once we receive your design and your on-line order, we will print and send you a 1/4 scale color printed proof for your review and approval.

Signature 3-panel trade show display

1. FILE FORMATS ACCEPTED - For Illustrator or Photoshop, please save as version CS6 or earlier.
We use Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6. We prefer native Illustrator files (.ai). We also accept PDF, EPS, TIF, PSD, and any files that can be opened in Adobe Illustrator. All designs must be created using our design template.
If you are creating your design as a single image (i.e. using Photoshop), please create the image at 300 dpi, verify the overall image dimensions are 27" x 21.5", and TURN OFF the template layer before saving the image. We recommend saving it a TIF file with LZW (LZW is lossless compression and significantly reduces file size). It is very important that the template elements (trim lines, spaces between panels, etc) are NOT embedded in the image.

Please work in CMYKDo NOT use Pantone colors (convert Pantones to CMYK). Leaving colors in Pantone if there are special effects (i.e. drop shadows and transparency) can lead to unexpected color results. Please also keep in mind that we print in CMYK, and not all Pantones reproduce exactly in CMYK.
COLOR MATCHING - Our printed CMYK colors should closely match your designed colors, but exact matching is not guaranteed.  The printed proof we send you will show how our CMYK printer will print your design. We print files as is and do not provide color adjusting or matching services. However, after you receive your printed proof, you are welcome to adjust your design cmyk values based on the printed proof and request a new printed proof.

We recommend images (bitmaps) be about 300 dpi at the 1/4 scale design size, so that when blown up 400% and printed at final size they will be about 75 dpi. You may choose to use higher or lower resolutions. Please do not use resolutions higher than 400 dpi as there is no discernable improvement in print quality and the file sizes can become unmanageable. Overall background images can often be less than 300 dpi and still look good. Read more about image resolution (dpi) here.
LOW RESOLUTION IMAGES - a common trade show display design mistake is using low resolution images, such as those pulled off a website. Please check that your images are of high enough resolution to look good when printed. If you are purchasing stock photography, we recommend getting the highest resolution image available. Read more about low resolution images and pixelation problems here.
VECTOR GRAPHICS - we recommend having text and logos in vector format whenever possible.

Our 1/4-scale design template has an 1/8" bleed border around each panel as indicated by the "Outer Black PANEL BLEED Line" and the "Inner Cyan PANEL TRIM Line". Extend all images and background colors to the Outer Bleed line.  After we print and laminate your full size panels, the edges will be cut / trimmed along the Inner Trim line.
Trimming Tolerance: There is a small tolerance on trimming, so avoid placing critical information or text very close to the Trim line.

Frames connected together on our Signature 3-panel display have a small 2" space between adjacent panels.  Because of this space, we recommend not splitting individual words across panels. 
Our 1/4-scale design template shows this space between panels as a gray area.

A) via FTP - when you place your on-line order, you can request that we set up an FTP account on our server that you can then upload your design to. You will need an FTP program to upload your design.
B) via email - if your design is small enough (usually 5mB or less) you can email it as an attachment.

Please be sure to check your final design carefully. Check that your image resolutions are ok. Include your fonts or convert them to curves. Make sure your design bleeds all the way to the template edges. Once we receive your on-line order and your design, we will print a color proof at 100% (1/4 scale) and send it to you for your review and approval. We will email tracking after we ship your proof. After you approve your proof, we then scale up the file by 400% and print, laminate, trim, and finish your Signature display panels.

DOWNLOAD our 1/4-scale Signature Trade Show Display DESIGN TEMPLATE

design template: Signature 3-panel display (Pinnacle_Displays_template.eps)

zipped design template: Signature 3-panel display  (zipped version,

Please read all of the design instructions above before downloading the design template. This  template is for our Signature® 3-Panel Trade Show Display. It can also be used for single Signature panel orders. The template is an eps (encapsulated postscript) file. It can be opened directly in Adobe Illustrator.
If you are opening the template in Photoshop, set your image resolution to 300dpi. If you are saving your final design as a single image, remember to TURN OFF the template layer so that it is not embedded in the image.
This template is for our Signature trade show display only. Eclipse display graphic design instructions are here.


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