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Trade Show Giveaways & Promotional Products Guide

Often having a promotional or "giveaway" item at your trade show booth to hand out to potential customers can be a great way to increase booth traffic and "reward" trade show attendees who visit your booth. Offering the trade show giveaway item can also be a good introductory tactic, i.e. "How are you doing today?  Would you like a [my company's name] widget?" More expensive trade show giveaways should usually be reserved and only be handed out after one qualifies the prospect. If you want something fancier than a big bowl of Hershey's Kisses and are looking for trade show giveaway ideas and promotion item ideas, consider the tradeshow giveaways and promotional products suggestions listed below. If you know of any trade show giveaway providers, vendors, manufacturers, or other companies you would recommend, or if you have any ideas, suggestions, or personal success stories and/or examples you'd like to share, please email us.

Some common suggestions for promotional products, promotional or recognition gifts, and "freebie" trade show or marketing event give-away items include: pens, letter openers, keychains, key chain flashlights, led lights, stress squeeze balls, usb memory sticks, soda pop / soft drink / beer koozies (coozies), t-shirts, aprons, baseball caps, hats, duffle bags, backpacks, pedometers, coffee mugs, toys and games, travel kits, emergency travel kits, and/or buttons and collectables. There are literally thousands of products and items ranging from under a dollar to as much as you want to spend that can be imprinted with your company name and logo and then given away at your trade show booth.

Additional thoughts: Whatever item you decide to hand out, you want to make sure it has your company name, logo, and contact information imprinted on it. It's also good to indicate what it is your company does on it, if your company name doesn't do this already. It's good if the giveaway item is useful and has value, so that people will hold on to it instead of tossing it in their hotel room trash can. If it's something your prospect would use on a regular basis, then they'll see your company name and message on a regular basis too.

Think Outside The Box ~ Think about a theme for your tradeshow giveaway item. Relate it to your company if you can. If not, relate it to the show. If you're exhibiting in Seattle, for instance, you might hand out little bags of coffee beans, or custom-printed umbrellas. Make your promotional product memorable. Research and take advantage of current marketing trends. Eco earth-friendly green trade show giveaways made from recycled materials are very popular right now. Just make sure there is something special about your promotional item so it doesn't appear that your company or business is just following the crowd and jumping on the latest bandwagon.

Don't be limited ~ Buy extra. You can also use your trade show giveaway items as promotional giveaways and gifts, and for corporate recognition awards. Of course the promotional item must be appropriate. Giving an employee a custom-printed company pen for 30 years of service probably wouldn't be a great idea.