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Eclipse® Pop-Up Trade Show Displays

Floor displays from $945!    Table Top displays from $695!


Eclipse pop-up trade show display booths

Eclipse® pop-up trade show display booths are made in the US and are backed by over 25 years of pop-up display design and manufacturing experience. The Eclipse pop up frame has a lifetime warranty.  Eclipse pop-up displays set up quickly and easily to provide a professional and attractive trade show backdrop. Eclipse trade show booth displays with either high-quality, durable, Velcro-receptive fabric panels to which one can attach signs, posters, and other graphics with Velcro, or with custom-printed graphic panels printed from our customers' print-ready designs.  Eclipse pop-up displays with Velcro-receptive fabric panels are intended for our customers who want the convenience of printing their graphics locally (posters, signs, banners, pictures, prints, etc) and then attaching their graphics to the Eclipse fabric panels using Velcro. Printing your graphics locally and then attaching them with Velcro allows one to quickly and easily add and remove individual graphics as needed.

Eclipse display fabric panels are made with high-quality EcoFi Premier velcro-receptive fabric available in your choice of black, blue, gray, and 9 other fabric colors. EcoFi Premier fabric has a ribbed, carpet-like texture and works as the "loop side" of Velcro. To attach graphics, one uses standard "hook side" velcro.

"Just wanted to let you know that the displays arrived right on the schedule you promised. We organized ourselves during the following week and had a very successful appearance the following Friday. The ease of set-up and take-down was as advertised and made the experience very positive. It's nice doing business with a company that performs as promised. Thanks again!"  - Steve Daly, MAPC

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Eclipse® pop-up trade show display booths are available in the following models:

Eclipse® 10ft floor trade show displays

10ft floor velcro-fabric pop-up trade show displays  
10ft curved floor displays
from $995

10ft WAVE velcro-panels pop-up trade show displays  
10ft Premium WAVE
floor displays

from $1,295

Eclipse® 8ft floor and 20ft floor trade show displays

8ft floor pop-up velcro trade show displays  
8ft curved floor displays
from $945

20ft floor gullwing pop-up trade show velcro displays
20ft "gullwing" floor displays
from $1,995

Eclipse® 6ft tabletop and 8ft tabletop displays

6ft table top pop-up trade show display stand with velcro fabric panels  
6ft tabletop displays
from $695

8ft table top pop-up trade show displays  
8ft tabletop displays
from $795


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